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A-Team Marine

1430 Elm Terrace

Titusville, Fl  32780




    A-Team Marine is a custom T-Top Replacement cover manufacturer where we do 1 thing and 1 thing only. We make the best quality and best fit T-Top cover money can buy. We do not like duplicating mistakes, so we ask you to call us prior to placing your order so that we can go over a few details. We actually care more about your top than you do, and maintain an unblemished reputation after 14 years and thousands of tops later due to that.


Can I just mail you the old cover to pattern from?

Depending on the condition and fit, sometimes yes, sometimes no. Always best to contact us 321-268-5484

We always ask for you to mark the underside of your canvas with sharpie, areas we don't want grommets, along with 3  frame measurements.


What if I do not have a cover at the present or it got destroyed?

Glad you asked. Get yourself a tarp from Walmart or somewhere and we will instruct you on how to mark up a template. You will not need to cut it out. We will do that to insure straight lines and clean up the corners and such. Take a tape measure aboard with you as well. We will also need 3  frame measurements.


Can I use a bed sheet or painter's ground cloth mat for templating?

        NO, oh Hell No. They are too stretchy and cannot hold a good reliable shape.


How do I remove old rope marks and clean my frame in general?

I have found NEVR-DULL to work best for me. It can be found at most auto parts stores and Walmart

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