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A-Team Marine offers/recommends 3 products to use on your new T-Top Cover. Proven throughout time to be the Cadillacs of the marine industry fabrics, we want your new T-Top Cover to last.

  Sunbrella Marine Grade:

    The popularity of Sunbrella acrylic (by Glen Raven) stems from bright colors, water resistance, high UV resistance, breathe ability, and longevity. Fabric has minimal shrink or stretch and features a relatively soft hand. Colors are extremely consistent and can be mixed and matched between Sunbrella Marine Grade, Plus, Supreme or even SeaMark. Use for dodgers, Biminis, full canvas enclosures, boat covers, T-Top Replacement Covers, mainsail covers, foredeck bags, awnings, tote bags, sun bands on sails, cushions, window coverings, equipment covers, and bags. 9.25 ounces per square yard. *10 year warranty.

    Rated on a scale from 1 to 5:  1 = POOR & 5 = EXCELLENT

    Breathe Ability (4): Sunbrella synthetic outdoor fabrics are popular in part by how well the fabric breathes. Great for mainsail covers, foredeck bags, and full canvas enclosures and covers.

    Waterproof (3): Highly water resistant! Breathe ability is not a characteristic of waterproof fabric, but the tight weave and fluorocarbon treatment process allow for water resistance. Over time, the water resistance will decrease but can easily be revitalized with a new application of fluorocarbon (303 Fabric Guard #481).

    Abrasion Resistance(2): Although given a rating of 2, Sunbrella Marine Grade fabric is still the most popular and widely used outdoor canvas in the United States. Abrasion resistance can be built into a cover made with Sunbrella by adding extra layers or reinforcement patches in areas prone to abrasion.

    UV Resistance (5): There is no better material for outdoor use than Sunbrella! Excellent longevity and colorfastness even when exposed to harsh sunlight. The only way to get more life from a fabric is to make it heavier or to ply on a protective coating (SeaMark or Sunbrella Supreme).

    Colorfastness (5): Solution dyed means that the yarn color runs throughout the cross-section of the fiber and equates to excellent colorfastness.

    Clean Ability (5): Easy to clean, and although a soft tight weave, dirt easily washes free from the crevasses of the yarn.

   *For more information on Glen Raven's Sunbrella fabric warranty, see Sunbrella Fabric Warranty.

80 inch.jpg

WEBLON MARINE FABRICS are designed specifically for rigorous topside exposure and the weather challenges of the open marine environment. This PVC vinyl Marine Fabric is a performance composite fabric, formulated with high quality vinyl with an inner reinforcing core fabric woven from high tenacity yarns. The exclusive "Rain Kleen" finish on the weather side provides ease of cleaning, prolongs the life of the fabric, and adds to the pleasing appearance of the surface. WEBLON REGATTA'S extreme strength and multidirectional stretch resistance, (including bias direction), affords superior contouring and lasting trim fit.


Comes 2 ways.

  1. Solid color same top and underside  (Solid Colors)

  2. White on topside with 3 colors to choose from for underside  (White Top Colors)

 Stamoid Vinyl:

    Stamoid is a vinyl coated woven polyester that can be used anywhere from console covers, spray hoods, convertible tops, mooring covers, dodgers, Biminis, awnings, and protective covers. Completely waterproof, easily cleanable, cool to sit under, and folds and stores well. The high tenacity weave holds its shape and does not show humidity sagging problems common to lower marine grade fabrics. Available in 8.3 oz. and 12.7 oz. A-Team Maine recommends the 8.3 oz. for awnings but the 12.7 oz. for just about everything else. 5 year warranty.

    Rated on a scale from 1 to 5:  1 = POOR & 5 = EXCELLENT

    Breathe Ability (1): Because the material is vinyl coated, it is waterproof and will not breathe. Appropriate ventilation must be provided if using this fabric for full enclosures.

    Waterproof (5): Completely waterproof! Use a #16 needle or smaller when sewing Stamoid to minimize potential seam leakage.

    Abrasion Resistance (4): The 8.3 oz. lighter weight (4128 from Ferrari) is only vinyl-coated on one side while the 12.7 oz. weight (Top – 3933 or Tweed – 4612 from Ferrari) is coated on both sides. Abrasion resistance is greater for the double coated product.

    UV Resistance (4): The 8.3 oz. lighter weight (4128 from Ferrari) is only vinyl-coated on one side while the 12.7 oz. weight (Top – 3933 or Tweed – 4612 from Ferrari) is coated on both sides. UV resistance is greater for the double coated product as the vinyl coating is to face outward.

    Colorfastness (4): The PVC coating and dye are quite colorfast, yet they still do not match solution-dyed products like Sunbrella and Sur Last. Dye lots are very consistent.

    Clean Ability (3/5): The vinyl sides are very easy to clean with a sponge and mild detergent. The 8.3 oz. lighter fabric version is harder to clean and remove dirt from crevasses given the texture of the non-coated polyester weave on one side.

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