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A-Team Marine

1430 Elm Terrace

Titusville, Fl  32780





      A-Team Marine has been specializing in T-Top Replacement Covers now for many years, bringing affordable pricing to the average boat owner and competing with the Chinese for our production and commercial accounts. Our pricing is kept to a minimum because we have a conscience and fair is fair. We know how to do it right and have many templates to assist in faster production. We ship all over the world saving folks bundles of money due to the pricing in their area.

     A-Team Marine started out as a Marine Upholstery & Canvas shop, performing in all areas of this type restoration. A local T-Top manufacturer, BT's Welding, took us under his wing and had us make the T-Top covers for all his commercial and custom jobs. It was the beginning of a passion for T-Top Covers. Of all the work we were performing, T-Top Covers seemed to be a favorite for me. I noticed how all the old covers didn't fit as well as they could. I noticed how the craftsmanship could have been improved upon. I wanted to make the best fitting, best looking T-Top Cover money could buy. So, I did. I am a very picky person, and I expect more than you do. My name is Dave. I own this shop.

      Soon our name spread and we had folks from out of our area calling. Truly wanting to help these folks out, we took a chance on how this could be done. We found a solution and continued to grow. Making over a thousand T-Top Replacement Covers each year, soon made us shut down our upholstery division and most other types of work. Now, I believe, we are the LARGEST CUSTOM T-TOP REPLACEMENT COVER manufacturer in the Great USA. If we are not, then, I would like to mention we are the BEST. Not to boast, but we pay close attention to every detail and do our very best for you as we would for the Queen of England or for ourselves. The biggest difference is PRIDE in our work. We want you to brag on us too.


Quality truly is #1 at our shop as we use only the best materials available to insure that your product is completed without future complications. Give us a call. I know we can help.

Thanks for reading this.   Dave 321-268-5484

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